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Who we are

Neisha Jackson is a multifaceted entrepreneur whose business ventures include over 14 years of Vocational Rehabilitation experience, 7 years of Insurance inspections/adjustments experience, 6 years of ESL experience, and 8 years of business consulting experience. Purposefully building vitality in communities by helping them to grow and thrive. Applying her faith in all areas of her talents, and remembering to treat others as you would want to be treated.

Neisha is the current Vice President of Louisiana APSE, as well as holding CESP certification for over 6 years. In addition was the recipient of the AAIDD Region V DSP Scholarship in 2019.

Before starting a business, Neisha worked in the social work and case management field. Being employed over 10 years in positions which include a police officer with New Orleans Police Department, a case manager with the Dallas Urban League, and a portability agent at the Dallas Housing Authority. After a successful career helping populations in need , and trailblazing support services, Neisha now advocates, trains and advises on how to properly and fully incorporate your own ideals and methods into your profession .

Neisha Jackson is available for start-up assistance as well as private consultations. You can reach Neisha at 504-298-8675 or viragecommunityservices@gmail.com.

Carnell Jackson have a vast amount of experience and education in social services and job development. In 2009, they decided to return to New Orleans and help.

Helping others has always been a passion for him, Carnell Jackson is himself a disabled veteran so he understands the hardships of finding employment with a disability.

Before working as a Employment Specialist/Job Coach, Mr Jackson employment background consist of: military and law enforcement. Mr. Jackson is a United Marine Corps veteran, worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, a police officer with New Orleans Police Department and as a School Resource Officer with Desoto ISD.

Mr Jackson has a passion for helping others and truly enjoys working with his clients to achieve their goals.


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