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About Us

Introduction to our Program

Virage is a French term for turning things around, and that is the fundamental goal of our program. To impact individuals lives in a positive way so they in turn can do the same. There is so much rich history, culture, and talent in the people of our city, but many never reach their maximum potential. Knowing how to use your strengths in a positive way often has to be taught. Which is why our staff incorporates mentoring, skill building and confidence into each client's program. Bringing back  much needed resilience in people and their families.

Virage Community Services helps individuals in the community with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities, as well as former drug addicts, individuals with criminal backgrounds, and high school seniors. Services we offer include finding employment, resources in communities, and individual supports needed.


Our organization helps individuals in the community with training in areas such as resumes, interview skills, and job searches. We also provide life skills training, employment placement services, employment stability services, and on the job training. Our goal is to turn lives around within communities providing resources and guidance, ultimately resulting in individuals reaching their goals. What sets us apart is our knowledge, accuracy, and stabilization. In addition we have a strong sense of customer service. With a policy to never make anyone feel like just another number, or case load. Personalization and getting to know those we work with has gotten us a long way, also always being professional and respectful, means a lot to our customers.

"turn their lives around".


Our Promise to Communities

Working together on the services puzzle, allows our agency the opportunity to combat issues that may arise.

With a hands on approach we can build a better program, as well as understand the needs of other programs, while providing service to the community.


Thank you for all your support
and assistance with our vision.