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Due to COVID-19 changes have been implemented into our program. Please call to find out more.

Virage Community Services

Turning Lives Around

Virage Community Services is devoted to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Teaching job skills that will increase their opportunities for employment, and life skills which improve all aspects of their daily lives. Exhibiting a commitment to the overall transformation into successful careers.

Benefits of using our services:

  • State funded and completely free.
  • Employers no longer have to go through the process of finding an employee.
  • Employees will be trained and prepared for a demanding job market.
  • You will receive adequate and productive assistance with our services.


Are you tired of trying to find the right employee for your company with no luck? When you hire a new employee are they everything you expected, or do you wish you had help with finding the right person?


Do you need guidance in deciding what type of job you'd like? Do you need help removing the barriers that are keeping you from working?

Government Contract

Mobile Crew

A mobile work crew model follows the practice of placing together several individuals to work in the community as a team or "crew." Typically, the individuals have a disability and are accompanied by an on disabled support person or job coach. This type of work group falls under the category of supported employment. The mobile work crews may work at various locations but often specialize in a specific area such as janitorial services, art studios, inventory jobs, etc. These jobs are in the community and integrated with employees outside the work crew. The mobile work crews are often associated with an agency providing Waiver services, and some other state funded agencies.

Thank you for all your support
and assistance with our vision.